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Do I really need a home inspection?
Home inspections are highly recommended! Buying a home is one of the largest financial descisions you can make, so be sure that you have the full picture of what you are getting into. Inspections can reveal serious safety issues that need to be addressed, and they can also help aid preventative maintenance. 

At what point in the real estate transaction should I schedule a home inspection?
A home inspection is typically scheduled after an offer has been accepted, but before the closing date. This is so we can rule out any major defects that could be dangerous or costly. 

How long does a home inspection take? 
While it depends on the size of the house, a home inspection typically takes 2-3 hours. 

Do I need to be present for a home inspection? 
It is recommended to be present as to gain a better understanding of the home's condition. We will help provide insight to any potential issues - and it's a great time for you to ask questions!

How long does it take to get a home inspection report back?
Reports are typically emailed to the client within 48hrs. 

What if the home inspection report reveals issues? 
It is important to understand the severity of any issues reported, as many fixes can be quick and inexpensive. However, if the defect is extreme, such as a major foundation crack or evidence of mold, you should find out how these problems can be addressed, and whether you can negotiate the cost with the seller. It is important to understand that an inspection is not a pass/fail situation and is for informational purposes. 

What are your accepted forms of payment? 
We accept cash, major credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/AmEx/Discover), Venmo and Zelle.

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