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Helping you make sure your investment is secure

We offer both pre-listing home inspections and buyer's home inspections

Pre-listing home inspections are for current owners to schedule prior to placing their home for sale on the market.

This is a handy tool for the seller to use in finding issues before a buyer does. 
It can give the seller the opportunity to price the home as is or to invest in rectifying deficiencies, to get more for the sale.

The possible downside: if the seller decides not to make the repairs or alterations, they may be required to disclose deficiencies at the sale.

Buyer's home inspections are for buyers to get an idea of what may need to be repaired or replaced after the sale, and depending on the severity of the situation, what may require a specialist - which allows them to budget properly, or to use the findings for leverage in pricing.

However, finding any potential safety issues for you and your family, is our number priority! 

Our inspections are non-intrusive, non-invasive, visual inspections of the home's systems being operated as they normally would be by the owners. Inspections tell us about the condition of these systems at the time they are inspected, not after


We establish a cheklist with observations pertaining to the home's systems included in NJ's standards to develop a thourough report for the home.

As a NJ licensed home inspector, I adhere to a comprehensive Standards of Practice set forth by the NJ Inspector Advisory Committee (click "read more" on the slide below) - this means that I will inspect the following, when viable and readily accessible, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon with the client. 

As we inspect  we try to point out differentt things yoou should be aware of as the potential home owner.
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